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You know being “Being older than Dirt’ isn’t really all that bad when you think of it.
Today I turned 60 years old. However I can actually claim that I am “Thirteen years older than Dirt.” How do you claim that because God is the only one that can claim that He is older than Dirt you say. (Gen.1 and 2) If you are Christian you know that God Created the heavens and the Earth. Well here is how I can claim that I am “Thirteen years older than Dirt.”
I was born on August 9, 1952, and my brother who is younger than me was born on August 8,1965. But you say that makes you thirteen years older than him but where does the “Dirt” come in? Well, when he was learning to talk he called dessert, DIRT, thus his nickname was born. For a long while he was called “Dirt”. Thus I am “Thirteen years older than DIRT.” I hope this has cheered up some of you worrying about your age and can now say that you know of a guy who actually is “older than dirt’ and smile about it!!!


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